Welcome to FOS – Flexible, Open and Social Learning #FOS4L

FOS means…?
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A warm welcome to FOS, a new open course for professionals in Higher Education who teach or support learning and are interested in learning with colleagues from around the world about flexible, open and social learning.

We start on the 13th of July and will learn together over five days and until the 17th of July! There will be plenty of opportunities to connect, communicate, curate, collaborate and create (5Cs) to identify valuable opportunities to trigger thinking and change.

FOS is an openly licensed course developed through recycling and building on existing OER course and particularly FDOL developed by Chrissi Nerantzi and Lars Uhlin (see full attribution on the right-hand side). It is however, the first time it will be offered over 5 days, using a playful enquiry-based approach and the 5C framework (Nerantzi & Beckingham). We decided to go for this format based on our BYOD4L experience.

You will be able to collect FOS points through your work that has been peer reviewed and claim a  badge or two. Look out also for the daily bonus challenge as well and the Question Shower Tweetchats from Monday to Thursday and our Giant Hangout on Friday.

Visit the Start here page that will help you familiarise with FOS.

If you work at MMU, you will also be able to use your FOS work towards up to 30 FLEX credits at Postgraduate Level of the PgCert in LTHE or HE but also the MA in HE. Get in touch if you would like to find out more regarding this.

The FOS community space is available at https://plus.google.com/communities/105168012355632331504 

Please join us there to get to know other learners, share experiences, ideas, participate in the activities and learn with and from each other.

We will be very keen to get your feedback on how this will work for you and how we can enhance it further for next time.

We look forward to learning with you.

Chrissi and Sue on behalf of the FOS team


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