FOS is here, Day 1 > Monday, 13 July 2015 #fos4l

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 Dear colleagues and friends,

Day 1 has finally arrived. After months of preparations and excitement in the background about launching FOS, we finally made it. We hope you will find this journey as exciting as we do and useful so that we can learn together more about Flexible, Open and Social Learning and consider creative changes to our practices were we spot opportunities to enhance the student experience.

FOS is a collaborative event building upon and mixing up existing OER but also adding new and perhaps more playful ingredients (see creative commons attribution and about page) that foster enquiry-based and collaborative learning. Each day will be a new opportunity for discoveries. Our daily thematic suggestions are:

  1. Digital literacy and identity
  2. Flexible pedagogies
  3. Supporting learning
  4. Communities and collaboration
  5. Open education

You will be invited to use the learning triggers shared in 3 alternative formats as a starting point for your learning and exploration. The related activities are also there for you to consider. An additional bonus activity will be released each day around 12pm UK time and through engaging in the activities, you will be able to collect FOS points too (find out more about them here).

You can work on your own or with others in the community but also within a small study group if you would prefer this. All activities are supported by a team of facilitators who will be there when needed. See all facilitators in the team page.

We first released the FOS community space as we feel that getting together and getting to know each other can be strong motivators for participation, engagement and learning. If you are not there yet, please do so as soon as possible and have a good look around to familiarise yourself with the platform and start participating in the conversations. This is the way to the FOS community. Just click here and you are there.

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Today is Day 1 and related activities can be accessed at > Watch out for the bonus activity!!! 

We are wishing you all a fruitful week!

Chrissi and Sue on behalf of the FOS team
ps. Please also read our ethical commitment and the section about social media before you start.


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