FOS Day 3, Wednesday 15 July 2015 #fos4l

Caring… image source (licence unknown, if you have info regarding this, please get in touch): can be accessed here.

Dear FOS friends,

Day 3 is about to start which is our midpoint. Today will be a great opportunity to look back at the last two days and consider what you would still like to achieve. This will help you focus and maximise outcomes that will be valuable for your practice. Tailor this experience and your engagement to your needs and aspirations.

Some of you have started reflecting and engaging in the suggested activities too. We are adding here links to a few examples and encourage you to access these as we feel these are great opportunities to connect and contrast thinking through exchange. Remember also to claim your FOS points which will lead to a course completion badge if you will do at least one of the suggested activities and invite peers to comment/review these. For more information, please click here.

Some exemplars to inspire you!

Ian Tindal

Tony Burke

Damian Keil

Deb Baff

Isobel Gowers 

The second Question Shower was a visual feast! Is it true that an image is worth 1000 words and is this especially valuable on Twitter?

If you haven’t used Tweetdeck or Hootsuite before, please consider taking a look and using one of them for the next two #FOSchat Question Showers. These dashboards help to organise how you view Twitter and you might discover that it is easier than you think to keep track of the #FOSchat hashtag!

Ok, today is all about supporting learning. What do we need and how can we support learning effectively? Check out Day 3 resources and tasks here: Don’t forget to capture your learning and look to offer to peer review and support others learning!

See you online 😉

The FOS team

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