FOS Day 4 > 16 July 2015 #fos4l

we are together in this… image source

Dear friends,

It is Thursday already. Where did this week go? We hope you have found FOS useful so far. The community space and the Question Showers seem to be on fire! Many of you started capturing your learning in a portfolio and sharing with us all. This is so so wonderful. Remember to comment on each others work as well. This will give you new insights and might lead your own thinking into new directions.

Some of your inspirational work can be found below.

Teresa MacKinnon

Chris Jobling

Orla Daly

Today, Thursday, we will be exploring together communities and collaboration. For related activities, please see and watch out for the bonus task around noon which Neil Withnell is putting together for us.

It will be our last Question Shower at 8pm UK time. If you haven’t participated in one of these chats yet, we would like to encourage you to give it a go! Today, we ask you to pick a reading from our list or another resource/paper/book around this theme and prepare your question(s) linked to this. Share the resource with us in advance via Twitter using #foschat and/or the Google plus community. Can this work? Let’s give it a go, ok?

The FOS team


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