Day 5 > Friday, 17 July 2015 #fos4l

Look, look what I found! Image source here

Dear friends,

Today, Friday, is Day 5 of FOS. Our last day! It has been a fascinating journey so far and we will get together at 8pm to celebrate this week in a giant hangout (a characterisation used by a colleague who has participated in FDOL, you know who you are, and found the webinars really useful and a magnification of what happens in Google hangouts).

Activities and resources for today’s topic around open education can be accessed at
Pick the one(s) that you find most valuable for you.

Before 8pm, please test the technology in advance and use a webcam and headset so that we can all see and talk to each other. If you have any special wishes for the GIANT hangout, please let us know. In preparation for this, please try and summarise what open educational practices means to you professionally and be ready to share this with colleagues.We would also like to invite you to help us shape the GIANT hangout. So please visit the following link to share your ideas for this, ok? GIANT Hangout Wishlist

GIANT Hangout Room >>> access here

Thursday evening’s Question Shower with a new twist added another opportunity for personalisation, choice and contribution. We are really pleased with how you engaged in the last chat but also all previous ones from Monday. We had colleagues who were new to Twitter and/or tweetchats but also more experienced tweeters who supported the community and helped it to grow. We would like to thank you for this.

Many of you have also engaged in some of the daily activities which is wonderful and the Google plus community is a live and dynamic organism. We include again some sample portfolios below. So lovely to see that some of you are giving blogging a go as a result of your engagement in FOS. We are looking forward to finding out were this journey will take you.

Bex Lewis

Matthew Sullivan

Sarah Houston

Everything will remain here and open to you so that you can continue working and learning even if you want to. The FOS points can be collected until the end of September (click here for more info). We will then be able to reward FOS completion badges if you have gained at least five points. Please remember that in order to gain FOS points, your work needs to be peer reviewed. If you are looking for a peer reviewer, please add your work to the relevant discussion in the Google plus community.

We look forward to seeing you at  8pm UK time

The FOS Team


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