Day 2: Tuesday 18th of July 2017 #fos4l

Elastic Fantastic

Do we hold the answer in our own hands? image source can be accessed here

Hello dear FOS friends,

Day 2 has arrived. We would love to hear how you have found Day 1. We have seen that participation in the community has started to grow and welcome comments and thoughts on the activities.

Day 2 is all about flexible pedagogies. Access suggested activities at

Check out the scenario and see how this relates to your practice and/or experience.

If you have created a portfolio and use some of the suggested activities and resources for your learning, please share back with the community so that we can extend the opportunities for conversation, learning and collaboration. Some of the facilitators are also reflecting on their experience and will start sharing their posts with you too. If you would like to share your portfolio, you can do this via the Google plus community and via Twitter. Just remember to tag with #fos4l or @fos4l

Remember to reach out if you need help.


The FOS team


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