We heard some of you will be joining us @MetMUnch ers for #fos172 ;)


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Dear friends,

We are very excited you will be joining the open course Flexible, Open and Social Learning or short FOS over 4 weeks in October 2017. This will be a great opportunity to learn with academics, other students and the wider public from different parts of the world how we can get better at learning and teaching so that we are more effective and maximise on the opportunities our times bring.

All you need to do is use a gmail account and become a member of the FOS Google plus community at https://plus.google.com/communities/105168012355632331504

Our suggestion would be to arrive there as soon as possible so that you can familiarise yourself with the space and start introducing yourself and see who else has joined us 😉 We will post weekly activities and a small team of distributed facilitators will be there to support you too. If you would like during the four weeks to work within a small group, that will also be possible. Most activities will be asynchronous, so you can check in any time during the day or night, wherever you are, even on your mobile devices. All you need is an internet connection and the Google plus app.

You are very welcome to set-up or use a digital portfolio, WordPress for example, and capture your learning during the course there. You could use your work to claim one or more of the badges that are available to all. Have a look at https://foslearning.wordpress.com/badges/

Please use this course as an opportunity to connect with others, share learning and teaching experiences and discuss and experiment with new approaches.

If you have any questions, please reach out for help in the community.

Officially we start on the 2nd of October 2017!

We are really looking forward to learning together very soon.

Chrissi, Neil and Marianna
ps. On Twitter we are @fos4l and will be using the hashtag #fos172


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