Facilitation team July 2017 #fos171

zaano2jqChrissi Nerantzi, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) @chrissinerantzi 

Chrissi is an Principal Lecturer in academic CDP in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Manchester Metropolitan University (UK) and a PhD student in open academic development. She has developed a cross-boundary  collaborative open learning framework for cross-institutional academic development.

Neil Withnell, University of Salford (UK) @neilwithnell

Neil is Associate Dean Academic Enhancement at the University of Salford, UK. A registered Mental Health Nurse by background and has worked in Higher Education for the past 13 years.

vrv1aflv_400x400Viviane Vladimirschi, independent (Brazil) @vvladi

Viv is founder and director of the company E-Connection located in São Paulo, Brazil that specialises in consulting, training and instructional design services for distance, hybrid, mobile learning and open education projects.


Artist Elizabeth Walshaw (@maybeelizabeth) created the FOS logo. Her portfolio can be accessed at http://cargocollective.com/elizabethwalshaw.