Facilitation team June 2020 #fos201

Dr Chrissi Nerantzi, MMU @chrissinerantzi  (organiser)

Chrissi is a Principal Lecturer in academic CPD in the University Teaching Academy at Manchester Metropolitan University.

She developed FDOL with Lars Uhlin from Karolinska University in 2013 that led to FOS and ONL, which are both child courses of FDOL. Chrissi carried out research into  collaborative learning in FDOL and the Creativity for Learning course that later became the #creativeHE community as part of her doctoral thesis and developed a cross-boundary collaborative learning framework. She has founded a range of open and often cross-institutional professional development initiatives often in collaboration with others. Chrissi’s website is at https://chrissinerantzi.wordpress.com/

Neil Withnell, University of Salford @neilwithnell (organiser)

Neil is Associate Dean Academic Student Experience at the University of Salford, UK.

A registered Mental Health Nurse by background and has worked in Higher Education for the past 17 years.

Dr Dawne Irving-Bell, Edge Hill University @belld17 (Facilitator)

Dawne is a Senior Lecturer Teaching and Learning Development, Projects Lead, at The Centre for Learning and Teaching, Edge Hill University

Dawne’s research interests include the formation of learner identity, SoTL and pedagogical approaches to learning and teaching, including the use of technology to engage and enhance learning. She also enjoys lecturing on visual thinking and advocates for technology and design education. In her current position Dawne leads on university-wide strategies to enhance the student learning experience. More about Dawne can be found here.

Dr Craig Hammond, Liverpool John Moores University, @edupunk_craig (Facilitator)

Craig is a Senior Lecturer in Education, Liverpool John Moores University

Craig’s research interests include creativity, alternative pedagogies and tactics for transformative learning. In addition to being one of the co-convenors of BERAs ‘Higher Education’ Special Interest Group, Craig is Deputy Editor for the education journal PRISM, a member of the editorial board for the International Journal of Philosophy, and Vice-Chair of LJMUs Centre for Educational Research Centre (CERES). More about Craig here.

Dr Emma Gillaspy, University of Central Lancashire, @egillaspy (Facilitator)

Emma is a Senior Lecturer in Digital Learning, University of Central Lancashire

Emma is a ‘rebel with a cause’, disrupting outdated educational systems and practices to put learners in control of their own digitally-enabled futures. As an academic developer, Emma blends appreciative inquiry-based coaching with heutagogy and social learning to work holistically with the lifewide experiences of learners. Emma particularly draws upon the use of creative materials and non-linear learning technologies to help academics find and express their unique paths to excellence. Find out more about Emma here.

Dr Hassan Osman, University of Bolton, @has_osm (Facilitator)

Hassan is a Lecturer in [Global] Health, Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, University of Bolton

Hassan’s research interests include health and education in protracted displacement. Hassan blends constructivist grounded theory with ethnography to explore a broad range of research areas including rights and access to health; conflict and education; and teaching and learning in protracted displacement. Find out more about Hassan here.

Dr Peter Shukie, Blackburn College, @shukieone (Facilitator)

Peter is a Lecturer/ Academic Group Leader – University Centre Blackburn College

Peter is an educator with a strong interest in authenticity of praxis in my work.  He has created a Community Open Online Courses (COOCs) platform as a means of diversifying who the educators are, what they teach and how.  A merging of community and digital as a space for creating and disseminating knowledge.  Consider DeleuzoGuattarian concepts a major feature of where we are going.

Dr Tünde-Varga Atkins, University of Liverpool, @tundeva (Facilitator)

Tünde is a Senior Educational Developer (digital education), University of Liverpool

Tünde supports programmes with curriculum development and digital education @LivUniCIE. She is very interested in pedagogic research, including multimodal and other creative methods (e.g. nominal focus groups). Tünde’s research interests include: digital capabilities, curriculum evaluation, assessment and feedback, digital education, organisational learning and collaborative knowledge building, and as chair of ALT ELESIG, evaluation of learner experiences. Find out more about Tünde here.

Paul Proctor, Manchester Metropolitan University, @paul_SODA (Facilitator)

Paul is Curriculum and Educational Lead for The School of Digital Arts (SODA)at Manchester Metropolitan University

Paul is currently responsible for developing the curriculum for a new School of Digital Arts (SODA) at MMU which is due to open in 2021. He leads a team of academics in developing an innovative curriculum for the digital arts that is transdisciplinary and fit for 21st century education. Pauls’s role in SODA has led to international knowledge exchange and collaboration with HE institutions in both Europe and the USA. Find out more about Paul here.

Alex Spiers, Liverpool Insitute of Performing Arts, @alexgspiers (Facilitator)

Alex is a Technology Enhanced Learning Manager at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts

Alex is an experienced learning technology practitioner responsible for the developing, supporting and researching technology enhanced learning at LIPA. His research interests include Social Media, the use of audio and video in assessment and mobile learning. Alex is  also the events organsier for the Heads of e-Learning Forum (UKHELF), co-creator of the ALT North West England SIG, collaborator in #CreativeHE, #BYOD4L and #MELSIGm and quite likes music as well.

Dr Paul Shore, University of Manchester, @PaulShoreManc (Facilitator)


Paul is a Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Biology Medicine and Health, The University of Manchester

He is the Academic Lead for Problem-Based Learning (PBL) in the Medical School at Manchester. Paul has a keen interest in developing blended learning approaches to enhance Biomedical teaching. He is particularly interested in applying constructivist and connectivist approaches in biomedical sciences at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Find out more about Paul at   http://paulshorelab.org/

Seán Welsh, University of Salford, @swelshacademic (facilitator)


Seán is a Lecturer In Mental Health Nursing, University of Salford

Sean is a registered mental health nurse (and a registered general nurse) and an experienced lecturer in mental health nursing at the University of Salford. He is the programme leader for the pre-registration mental health nursing programmes and has a particular interest in reflection and humanistic approaches to health. 



AHE Connect_Logo_580-330We would like to thank Advance HE and particularly Kathy Wright and Ruth Wells for embracing this open initiative and providing a discussion space for #FOS201 within the Advance HE Connect platform.


We are grateful to the support by the student-led social enterprise MetMUnch for promoting #FOS201 among students at Manchester Met and more widely and would to thank the team.

Ellie Livermore @ellielivermore 
created the wonderful FOS animations! We love them all!!!  
Some of the voice overs are by Dr Sam Illingworth @samillingworth. 
We thank them both.