Facilitation team July 2015 #fos151

zaano2jqChrissi Nerantzi, MMU @chrissinerantzi 

Chrissi is an academic developer in the Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Manchester Metropolitan University and a PhD student in open academic development.

Sue Beckingham, Sheffield Hallam Uni @suebecks

Sue is an educational developer and lecturer in computing at Sheffield Hallam University. She is also the TEL lead for her faculty.

Neil Withnell, University of Salford @neilwithnell

Neil is Associate Dean Academic Enhancement at the University of Salford, UK. A registered Mental Health Nurse by background and has worked in Higher Education for the past 13 years.

Dr Stephen Powell, Manchester Metropolitan University @stephenp

Stephen works for CELT at Manchester Metropolitan University as an academic staff developer.

Prof. Mike Nicholson, Durham University @mikescleverdog

Mike is a Professorial Teaching Fellow at Durham University and Head of Educational Development.  He is the academic lead on instructional design and academic staff development matters, as well as being heavily involved in the training of Postgraduates Who Teach (PGWTs).  His interests include blended learning pedagogy, faculty up-skilling and use of Google Apps in education.  Mike is also working on educational development applications of design thinking.

Dr Stathis Konstantinidis, University of Northampton, @staconst

Stathis is an Assistant Professor in e-Learning and Health Informatics in the University of Nottingham. His interest and research include technologies enhancing learning, collaborative technology (web2.0), linked data and semantics in education,ict educational standards, learning analytics, online pedagog, IT skills for healthcare workforce, etc.

Deb Baff, previously at University of South Wales, now independent, @debbaff

Debbie is an Open Education Practitioner (OEP) with 18 years experience of working in HE with a focus on enhancing the student experience. She recently led a national Open Education Resource (OER) initiative (www.oerwales.ac.uk) to develop and embed OER and OEP across Wales. Debbie is a Fellow of the HEA and sits on the ALT Open Education Special Interest Group. She is a Mozilla Open Digital Badges Advocate and is currently finishing her Masters in Online and Distance Education with the OU.

Ellie Livermore @ellielivermore 
created the wonderful FOS animations! We love them all!!!  
Some of the voice overs are by Dr Sam Illingworth @samillingworth. 
We thank them both.

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