Collect your FOS points

We are introducing the opportunity to gain FOS points for each peer reviewed activity. There are 15 activities in total, 3 for each topic. Each day one further surprise activity will be released for which you can claim an additional point. The maximum number of points you can gain during the course is 20.

The process to gain a FOS point is the following:

1. You complete a FOS activity in your personal learning space.

2. Share the activity with a peer who reviews this activity. Feedback needs to be added to evidence that the peer review has taken place. If this meets the review criteria (see below), this needs to be stated in the feedback.

3. Copy and paste the FOS point to your activity.

4. Add your name to the FOS scoreboard and remember to add a tick against the activity you completed successfully.

5. If you get at least 1 FOS point per suggested topic, 5 FOS points in total, you will be able to claim the FOS course completion badge. Please make sure all your work has been reviewed by a peer

FOS points scoreboard

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1 FOS point

Description: Successful completion of a FOS activity linked to a specific course topic.

Criteria: The FOS point holder successfully completed the specific activity that has been peer-reviewed and evidences reflection and learning.

FOS points scoreboard: This can be accessed here. Please remember to update on a regular basis.

To add the FOS point you earned after your work has been peer reviewed, copy and paste the code below into your portfolio.  To change the size, all you need to do it adjust the height and width. The above image dimensions are width=”150″ and height=”150″

<a href=”; target=”_blank”><img class=”aligncenter” src=”; alt=”” width=”200″ height=”200″ /></a>

Please note, you can collect your FOS points until the end of September! All completion badges will be released then.

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